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Questions tagged [popularity-trends]

Questions concerning the Popularity Trends type of report for a site or site collection.

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Inaccurate Numbers on Popularity Trends?

I recently viewed the Popularity trends data for our site, and while it appears to be tracking some usage numbers being captured, I question their accuracy. Specifically, there are a few months where ...
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SharePoint 2019 on premise - Analytics not working correctly

We have had no success with gleaning any decent analytical reports from our SP2019 on premise system. We can currently see under the global search the views on a page but we cannot see where to find ...
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Is there any API to retrieve data from Popularity Trends in Sharepoint Server 2016

I'm using SharePoint Server 2016 and as we know there is a feature called "Popularity Trends" which gives a report on number of hits and unique users with the graphs for the library. So, ...
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Analytics usage report timezone

We are using SP2016 enterprise. In Site settings -> Popularity and Search Reports, we can download the usage report. The report is generated based on GMT 0 timezone but all my users are located in GMT+...
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Popularity Trends

We are using SharePoint 2016 and I have a problem with Usage Report. The search Queries is fine and I can see all the reports without no issues. I can also see the Usage report was working fine ...
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Our "Popularity Trends" always show 0 views inside sharepoint 2013

We have a SharePoint 2013 on-premises server. and the users have reported that the "Popularity Trends" report will always be empty:- so i read this link @
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Most Popular Items not visible on the toolbar

I figured out that SharePoint online has this feature where you can check the Most Popular Items inside a document library Based on the articles that I've read the toolbar should look like this ...
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Sharepoint Online Popular Items Webpart

I'm looking to display the most popular items from a document library, but i cannot find an out of the box solution. I have seen that SharePoint 2013 has a solution for this, but i guess it didnt get ...
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Popularity Trends report not available

We have to recreate our search service application due to some errors in previous one. But since the change popularity trends report for files started coming empty. We tried to get it through script. ...
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ViewsLifeTime is not updating instantly?

I got a counter to show how many visitors visit the page in my site. Users are visiting the website , but there is no change on the counter. It is the same like no one clicked it. Has it got a timer ...
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Number of views a Report has had in SharePoint 2013

I'm attempting to find out how many views a report in a SharePoint 2013 library has had by using the 'Popularity Trends' button. Upon running the report no views are recorded - even though I've been ...
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SharePoint 2016: Most Popular Items returning 0 results (except for Homepage)

Good day... We have recently migrated from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2016. The platform is largely stable now but an issue reported to us was the fact that popularity trends ('most popular items' ...
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Unable to see the Popularity Trends and Views for site landing page

I am aware of the the feature - Popularity Trends which helps us to find out the number of views of all the pages. At the moment, I am able to see the number of views for all the pages except the ...
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