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Questions tagged [managed-metadata-column]

A Managed Metadata column is a new column type that can be added to lists, libraries, or content types to enable site users to select values from a specific term set of managed terms and apply these values to their content.

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How to make the filter apply to all files in the folder?

I have a document library with few metadata columns. There are several folders, sub folders and files. The files have the metadata columns (example: choice column, managed metadata columns, etc) ...
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Export Sharepoint 2016 list to excel that contain managed metadata

Good day, my client wants to export a custom list in SharePoint 2016 that contains managed metadata. When I export the list, it shows the 'id;# with name' value e.g. '35;#Legal Department' in the ...
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Default Multiple Metadata values in list

Is there a way, for a column in the SharePoint list having the metadata type, allowed multivalue, to add a default value having multiple metadata entries ?
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Cannot apply re-named Term to document library items - it reverts back to using the old Term

Desired Behaviour After renaming a Term in the Term Store Management Tool, I expect that items in a Document Library that have the OLD term as a Managed Metadata column value will KEEP that column ...
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Dataset shared columns: inheritance of folder type

Does anyone know why the contents of a dataset might behave as follows? The desired behavior would be for all columns to be inherited from the containing dataset type. Currently, shared columns ...
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Read Metadata column values using SharePoint REST API

Is there any way to read Managed Metadata column value in SharePoint using REST API?
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Force metadata entry on upload with modern sharepoint experience (sp online)

I have a modern sharepoint site (sharepoint online) with a document library. (LibraryX) However in LibraryX there are a few fields of metadata which are required. The solution I am looking for is a ...
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Term Set Not in Managed Metadata Column

I have created three Term Sets in SharePoint Online for a managed metadata column. I cannot set a 'default value' for the column; and, the term sets are not available when I try to add them to that ...
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Can a Managed Metadata Column in a Document Library have Place Holder text

I've mapped a Managed Metadata Column to a TermSet in the Term Store. There is a concern that users won't think to click on the tag icon that brings up the Term Store values. Is it possible to have ...
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No data received from term stores after Cumulative update August 2018

After passing the update on my SP 2013 servers. The term store is no longer reachable for my metadata columns. therefore, all these metadatas columns are grayed out in the forms. I've checked the ...
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Unable to delete list column because of the error "Cannot change Hidden attribute for this field"

While deleting a list column I see an error: Cannot change hidden attribute for this field. I have changed the Hidden property to False. But still no luck. It keeps on throwing the error. The ...
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Managed Metadata not displaying on 1st page load

I'm utilizing SharePoint 2013 (on-premises), and attempting to add a managed metadata field to a custom page layout for an enterprise Wikipedia site. However, the data isn't loading on the page until ...
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Limit available column values based on other column value

I have a list of applications containing the following columns: Vendor, Application, Version. I am trying to make this list easy to use for those looking for information and those entering information....
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