I have a modern sharepoint site (sharepoint online) with a document library. (LibraryX) However in LibraryX there are a few fields of metadata which are required.

The solution I am looking for is a way to leave my users unable to upload a document without entering all (correct) information. (ie; prompt them for data or expect extra data to be entered before uploading). The data they can choose from is also present in a list, let's say ListY. So preferably (if this all is possible) I would like my users when prompted for metadata to be provided with autosuggest entries from ListY.

Is this at all possible, and if so what way of solving this should I look for?


Just make some columns require a value or apply other validation - an item can be uploaded but a user must populate all the fields to check the file in and thus make it visible.


We use a separate tool that prompts users to enter metadata (companion explorer). We can use lookup column where the value come from a list.

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