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Comparing images typescript react sharpoint framework

I am having a problem trying to compare two images with each other. One image is saved locally in my project and the second picture is on the internet (url). I tried putting the image into "...
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Compare 2 CSV files using MS Powershell [closed]

I have 2 CSV files generated as outputs from 2 different Powershell scripts. CSV 1 - has 2 columns Record ID and Account Name. CSV 2 - has 2 columns Account Name and Path I now have to compare the ...
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Difference of two files using SharePoint

How do I get the diff of file1.csv and file2.csv from SharePoint (maybe using API calls, if possible)? diff : Compare the contents of file1 and file2 and produce the list of changes necessary to ...
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Sharepoint 2010 Calculated Column: How to get value before item gets modified?

I have a list that has a Status-field. If the status changes, a modified date in another column should indicate, when the status has been changed. My idea was to create a duplicate of this Status-...
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Compare Specific Version in Word 2016 doesn't do anything

A few of my clients are having a very specific issue with Word 2016 and how it integrates with our SharePoint 2013 farm. As the story goes, our user wants to compare a legal document with one of its ...
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CountIF statement in SharePoint

I am trying to make something like a CountIF statement in SharePoint for the purpose of counting specific choices made in a drop down category for a calendar event. Currently, when I make a new ...
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Version history of attachment(doc) in Info path form?

We have a custom info-path form with attachment option. Now there is a requirement of checking the version history of the attached document in this form. Actually the requirement is to use the ...
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How to have a calculate column that compares the difference between the current item and the previously submitted item?

I have a list with the columns Room Number, Temperature, and a column Temperature Change. What I would like, is for Temperature Change to be a calculated like so: When the user fills out a new ...
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Translation Management Workflow Side-by-Side comparison with English

I'm trying to evaluate whether SharePoint and specifically the Translation Management Library will be acceptable for our workflow. I have some questions: Is there a way to show say an English ...
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Problems adding Date & Time values to a comparison using IF in a calculated column

I'm trying to compare a date by using =if([Modified]<DATE(2012,2,8),"Outdated","Updated") and it works just fine, but I have a problem with trying to add time to the comparison. What I need is to ...
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What does "unified infrastructure" mean, and how is it different in 2010 than in 2007?

I'm preparing for a client presentation, and all the Microsoft literature about SharePoint 2010 boasts of "cutting costs with unified infrastructure." However, I have been able to find no detail ...
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Compare two person columns in a list

I have a list which has a "Person or Group" column called as Reviewer. I want to notify the reviewers whenever he/she is added to the list item. I created a custom workflow which sends a mail on ...
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Is there a difference between SharePoint 2003 standard web services and SharePoint 2007-2010 ones?

I implemented a tool for getting documents (Word files, PDFs, etc..) from a Document library in SharePoint 2007-2010 using SiteData.asmx and other standard web services basically. Now I´m facing the ...
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SharePoint 2010 Application Pages. vs. Web Parts

I have done many a search on this issue with mixed results and ensuing ambiguity. The time has come to nail it down for good. If I'm developing the equivalent of a complex ASP.NET application, and I ...
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MediaWiki-like Special Pages under SharePoint 2010 Wiki?

I watched this video and wondered what those "latest pages", "popular pages", and "request pages" links in the left-hand menu? Are these standard SharePoint 2010 Server Wiki Features like the "...
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