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Which approach we can follow to build large & dynamic PDF files from HTML

I want to create the following:- We have a custom SharePoint list >> which contain items with attachments. Now I want to show the items' attachments inside a PDF file with the following format ...
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SharePoint Online: Embeded pdf files are displayed in a poor quality

What is the best way to embed PDF files which are stored in SharePoint document libraries into third party web site pages hosted on third party domain? We tried to use WopiFrame2.aspx and it works but ...
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How to clone the metadata of documentA and set on documentB?

We are using SharePoint Online. I have some document library with Word documents. I created some logic where I convert a Word document to PDF. I would like to write some logic in powershell to clone ...
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Permissions to enable download of Word document into PDF

SharePoint Online. When a user clicks on a Word document in SharePoint, I would like the automatic behavior to do 2 things: convert the document to PDF download the PDF to the user's computer Does ...
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Users can't open PDF after SP2016 March 2017 CU

Just installed March 2017 CU for SharePoint 2016. Now users can't open PDFs. When clicked in a library, Adobe Acrobat opens with the error There was an error opening this document. This file cannot be ...
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Sharepoint 2013 server Word Documents and PDF Documents not Opening in Custom List Attachments?

I was uploading documents to sharepoint custom list.The file will save in Attachement COlumn.But when i try to open Pdf it shows failed to open PDF.When i try to open Word document it shows we are ...
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Export filled out form as PDF or Word file

The users need to be about to print the forms they've filled out on SharePoint after they've filled them out. In just wondering if it is easily possible because I'm not finding anything. Forms are ...
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Is it possible to convert docx to pdf in SharePoint online wihtout azure

Client is having a requirement, whenever document status was changed to approved, then document has to be converted into pdf and should upload to another document library. I thought of doing with ...
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