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Use a spfx web part for dynamic filtering of a standard library web part

I'm looking for a way to filter a document library view on a SP Online web part page. There used to be a Query string filter web part which would be ideal for me: I would create a url like products....
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Compare (display form) information from 2 lists

I would like to 'compare' 2 list items from different lists. (with the same columns) On the same page I want to show the names(linked to item) (list 1) on the left site. And I want to show the ...
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Filter Web Part - option "send all parameters" doesn't work

I am using Query String (URL) Filter Web Part for filtering items in list view. I followed offical guide where they are using multiple parameters for filters: Status=Elite&Status=Preferred In my ...
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passing filter value from a lookup field

I have two lists One is service, the other is service feedback Now in the service feedback display page, I have added a service list webpart on top. I am passing the filter value from the lookup ...
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Exception 'Value does not fall within the expected range' after deleting another web in site collection

I have a list 'projects' with a DispForm.aspx, and on that DispForm there are associated contacts for that element (contacts list has a direct lookup to the 'projects' list). for the contacts to be ...
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Sending item from list webpart to infopath webpart

So on a page, I have 2 web parts. A list which contains some items. And a InfoPath web part. I would like to send the items from the list to the Infopath viewer but I don't know how to achieve this. ...
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HTML Form WebPart as filter with multiple connections and empty fields

I've got a HTML form WebPart that has multiple connections (Done in SPD) to the adjacent WebPart displaying a document library. It's 3 select boxes, and provided you select an option for all of them, ...
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Connecting DataView webpart to Listview webpart

For a customer I have to display related data on a CustomDispForm.aspx page. So I started to add a Listview webpart tot the page showing content from the list with the related data. But when I tried ...
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How to remove extra parameters in connecting web part?

I have two web parts which are connected. In first web part I have dates and in second I am displaying relevant documents. It runs smooth when I just go through date one by one. But I am facing issue ...
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Blank Webpage Dialog on Webpart connection configuration

When configuring connection for Webpart in Sharepoint 2013 i've got a blank webpage dialog, I don't know what causes it ? here's screenshots:
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External List filtering using Web Part Connections (send filter value to)

I have an external list (WCF) and I would like to have another web part that searches 1 or more columns on the list (e.g. Product Title, and Product Status etc) I'm using SP2013, guess it would be ...
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Unable to connect web parts using powershell

I am trying to connect a custom webpart (provider) to a ReportViewerWebPart (consumer) programmatically, using a Powershell script. I get the error message below when I execute the following line: $...
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Query string filter on an InfoPath lookup field

I am trying to use a query string filter to filter data on an InfoPath form using this guide. The column that I'm trying to filter is a lookup field and it is not available in the list of Consumer ...
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