I have an external list (WCF) and I would like to have another web part that searches 1 or more columns on the list (e.g. Product Title, and Product Status etc)

I'm using SP2013, guess it would be the same for SP2010

The out-of-box filtering wouldn't work because I have paging on my list, and I only fetch 1 page at a time (because I have thousands of items). so the out-of-box filter will only search on match items in that 1 page.

My current list is deployed from a Sharepoint project, it is a Business Data Connectivity Model(farm solution only).

Here's part of my BDCM and controller:

    <LobSystem Name="PortalExtListBdcModel" Type="DotNetAssembly">
        <LobSystemInstance Name="PortalExtListBdcModel"/>

        <Entity EstimatedInstanceCount="1000" Name="ProductEdgeEntity" Namespace="SPPortal.PortalExtListBdcModel" Version="">
            <Property Name="Class" Type="System.String">SPPortal.PortalExtListBdcModel.Controllers, PortalExtListBdcModel</Property>
            <Identifier TypeName="System.String" Name="IM_STOCK" />
            <Method Name="ProductEdgeReadList">
                <FilterDescriptor Type="UserContext" Name="UserContextFilter">
                    <Property Name="UsedForDisambiguation" Type="System.Boolean">false</Property>
                    <Property Name="IsDefault" Type="System.Boolean">false</Property>
                    <Property Name="CaseSensitive" Type="System.Boolean">false</Property>
                <Parameter Direction="In" Name="UCFilter">
                  <TypeDescriptor Significant="true" TypeName="System.String"  Name="UCFilter" AssociatedFilter="UserContextFilter">
                      <DefaultValue MethodInstanceName="ProductEdgeReadList" Type="System.String"></DefaultValue>
                <Parameter Direction="Return" Name="returnParameter">
                  <TypeDescriptor TypeName="System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[[SPPortal.PortalExtListBdcModel.PrismProductListView, PortalExtListBdcModel]]" IsCollection="true" Name="ProductEdgeEntityList">
                      <TypeDescriptor TypeName="SPPortal.PortalExtListBdcModel.PrismProductListView, PortalExtListBdcModel" Name="ProductEdgeEntity">
                          <TypeDescriptor TypeName="System.String" IdentifierName="IM_STOCK" Name="IM_STOCK" />
                          <TypeDescriptor Name="IM_DESC" TypeName="System.String" DefaultDisplayName="Description" />
                          <TypeDescriptor Name="IM_CUST" TypeName="System.String" DefaultDisplayName="Customer Code" />

        public static IEnumerable<PrismProductListView> ProductEdgeReadList(string UCFilter)
            // get from WCF service and return list

I also worked out how to have a Web part send values to another web part using the following:


But I'm trouble having the web part send values to my BDCM

Does anyone has examples on how to modify the BDCM (the xml above) to take parameters (direction=IN) from the web part?

Or if there are other ways to achieve this?


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