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Viewing Document Libraries and lists from inside of PowerApps

There is a type of functionality I am looking to recreate inside of a PowerApps form. I have an old 2013 form in an old environment. The "new form" view is just an OOTB SharePoint form. The &...
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SharePoint Term Store as a Webpart Page Filter

I am trying to use a Term Store as a filter for multiple web parts on a single page similar to the way a document library can be filtered using the term store. In years past, I used to do similar on a ...
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Power Automate filter by 'Modified' date and update returned items

I have what I thought was going to be a simple scenario to solve: Multiple SharePoint Lists, each with 40 000+ items in it Running queries based on different columns and export to Excel to provide MI ...
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How can we add checkbox filters on calendar view

I have a SharePoint calendar , i want categories to place in calendar view page as checkboxes and filter calendar view based on checkbox selection, any help.
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Can I filter a list view web part based on the ID of an Asset Library properties item?

SP OnPrem 2016: In other applications I have successfully connected list forms and list view web parts to filter the results by ID. The concept is pretty simple. Now I need to do the same but using ...
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Filter a Library and multiple Lists on a Page based on the same column (date)

In classic mode a List Filter Web Part is available but what to do in a modern site. Is it still possible to use a classic page in a modern site with the List Filter Web Part? If yes how if no, is ...
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Filter for noobs [closed]

I'm trying to learn about filters in SharePoint. A colleague tried to setup alerts for his tasks. He made a view filtering all of his tasks out of his departments tasks and then created an alarm about ...
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How can I hide unselected (web part connection) list items?

Team, Scenario: I have two web parts that are connected with a connection filter. When I select an item in list A, related items in list B are filtered. Hooray! But list A is really long, so when ...
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Filtering Many-to-Many-to-Many

What I Need: I'm trying to use OOTB features, with as little custom rendering / SPFx / customization as possible. I've got 3 list: Members, Classes and Sponsors. Each Member may be in many classes, ...
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passing filter value from a lookup field

I have two lists One is service, the other is service feedback Now in the service feedback display page, I have added a service list webpart on top. I am passing the filter value from the lookup ...
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Using a filter web part to filter document librarys

I have a wiki page with 3 web parts. A choice filter web part and 2 document librarys(library1 & library2). library1 contains documents displayed in a list view. Library2 contains folders and sub ...
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Using default and user selected filters for a list

I want to filter a main/task list based on what's being selected in a Sharepoint List Filter Web part. However if there is a "querystring" in the URL, then I want the List filter autoselected to whats ...
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Editing connection filters in SharePoint 2016 UPS

I have got SP 2016 installed in premise and I am trying to setup User Profile service application. I have successfully created my connection to AD, however, I need to filter the profiles. When I ...
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