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SharePoint 2016 performance

Current situation: We have a SP farm (2016) with only 2 servers (app and database). It has 30 site collections and each collection cca 25 document libraries. Total amount of data in these site ...
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Calculated Column Question Blank Dates

I have been stumped on this particular task for weeks. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have three columns I am working with: Date Admitted to Hospital (date column), Date Discharged (date ...
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2013 Workflow Continuously Restarts in 2019 Environment

We are upgrading our 2013 on prem farm to 2019 on prem. We've completed creating the 2019 farm and migrated the data using AvePoint, a migration tool. I have a 2013 workflow that set to run on ...
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Workflows 2013 Not initiating/Starting in SharePoint server 2016

Hello There I have a SharePoint Server 2016 running Workflow 2010 Perfectly, but as i was in need of features so i managed to install Workflow Manager 1.0 for Workflows 2013. also Registered the ...
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Complete a task from workflow

In SharePoint Designer 2010 I'm trying to provide to an approval workflow two custom actions to avoid the 'open task, edit task, select approval value ,complete task' sequence so one action is for ...
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SharePoint 2010 workflows not loading in SharePoint 2016

Recently upgraded farm from 2010 to 2016. Still using 2010 workflows, but the migration apparently did not do well for our custom ones. These workflows appear to start up but do not assign tasks to ...
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SharePoint 2010 - Approval task opens in client for one user and in the browser for another user

Approval task have multiple approvers. When one user clicks on 'open this task' button received in the email, the task opens in the client. Another user when clicks on 'open this task' button in the ...
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Update a list item in a list in a root site from a sub site

I am currently working on SharePoint 2016 on premises, I have a situation where in the root site, I have a list A which has a content type X and one of the fields is counter (starts with 1). From a ...
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2 answers

Difference between suspended vs Terminated in SharePoint Workflow 2013

I want to know the difference between suspending and terminating SharePoint workflow.
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SharePoint 2010 Continous Running workflows

I want a workflow to continually run on SharePoint 2010. It is set to send out an email when an expiration day is 30 days out. I have set a 'yes/no' field to no. When set to yes, it should skip that ...
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Add a workflow option missing

I have a web application with multiple site collection. The issue I am facing is one of this site collection do not showing add a workflow option in all list / libraries. Please see below screenshot ...
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