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SPQueryThrottledException during SPListItem.Update

We have SharePoint 2016 On-Premise, document library with folders and documents. During folder update (SPListItem.Update) we receive SPQueryThrottledException. We update only fields single line of ...
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Why does inserting list items into a sharepoint site get slower and slower over time?

I am inserting some test data into my single server sharepoint farm. I noticed some performance decay after you insert a bunch of items. Here is the powershell script: Add-PSSnapin Microsoft....
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Update/ Create list item based on an existing entry in another list

I have two lists : list A & list B. Both lists have identical schema and information. I have created a SharePoint 2010 designer workflow on list A ,which triggers when an item is updated in list A....
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How to alter the default location when inserting "From Sharepoint"

Recently became the sharepoint admin where I work and had a user stumble upon this issue, and haven't been able to locate a possible "fix". When the user attempted to insert a URL from a sharepoint ...
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Limits and Boundaries of SharePoint Online for Bulk operations

Just want to know what is the Limits and Boundaries of SharePoint Online for Bulk operations. Is there any authentic document I can refer? I am trying to insert 20,000 items with 5 text fields in a ...
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SPFX: How to add item in SharePoint list with attachment?

I have created a SPFX webpart to add item in list with attachment. How to add item with attachment ?
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Insert multiple users and groups in a user field of a Sharepoint Online list using Pnp-Js-Core

How can I insert multiple users and groups in a user field of a Sharepoint Online list using Pnp-Js-Core? greetings and thanks.
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Update list after insert item in another list

I have to update a list after I insert an item in another list. For example, I have the main list with a person's details (name, age, address, email etc.). When I insert new person to this list, I ...
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make List item non Editable dynamically

Is it Possible to make list item non editable based on one of its column value. for example i have list fees which has a column submitted.when submitted is false user can edit that item but not when ...
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Reading Excel and insert or update the ListItem using CSOM

I want to read an excel file that resides on the file system and insert/update the values into the SPList item programmatically. I tried with the CSOM approach, but am unable to get the desired output....
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