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Allows you to expand one group to increase your available workspace.

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Sharepoint 2013 - How to add Expand / Collapse button for 2 levels of grouping

I am a non-coder. I have a FAQ page which is a list view with Newsletter style. There are 2 levels of grouping used 1. Category 2. Question. I am looking to add a toggle button or 2 buttons for ...
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Multiple $filter in OData query

Here is my OData query:$filter=Id eq guid'xxxx'&$select=Id,Name,StartDate&$expand=Tasks&$select=Tasks/Id,Tasks/Name I ...
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Getting link from lookup document library

I have created a Lookup field linked to the document library which allows multiple files. I am able to get the Title of the linked documents, but I can't find a way to get the url? How can this be ...
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SharePoint 2013 Workflow Rest API $expand query

I am trying to query the ServerRelativeUrl to get the list item attachment. Below is the xml. d/results(0)/ServerRelativeUrl always returns empty. I can query the Id properly with d/results(0)/Id ...
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Get value from Person or Group Type field in SPFx

In my Sharepoint list I have one column of person or group type, I want to fetch its value on my webpart. I have even tried using $expand to get that column value but still not getting. In my webpart ...
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Results Limit for Expanded Field

I need to get all items for a series of lists and I'm hoping to do this in a single call to the REST API. Right now I can get all lists within a site and get can each list's content by using $expand=...
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Expand nested lookups via REST

I know how to expand my lookup using this format: '/_api/web/lists/getbytitle('LookupList')/items?$select=LookupOneId,LookupTwo/Title,&$expand=Lookup' LookupOneId will give me an ID for the ...
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