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Questions tagged [row-limit]

Sets a limit for the number of items returned in the query per page.

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SharePoint CSOM query against concrete subfolder is not working with RowLimit when thresold is reached [duplicate]

Can you please help with the following question. I have a document library with a lot of documents (>5000) which are organized in subfolders. I have to query all documents in subfolder. I use this ...
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Listview threshold limit reached despite returning less than 5000

I have a sharepoint list with 20k+ records. I'm using the ID filter to get the records where ID is less than 1,500. I know ID field is automatically indexed so I should have only 1,500 records ...
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Results Limit for Expanded Field

I need to get all items for a series of lists and I'm hoping to do this in a single call to the REST API. Right now I can get all lists within a site and get can each list's content by using $expand=...
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SharePoint 2013 - 5000 List library Item

In our company we recently moved to SharePoint 2013 Foundation version (on premise) Now I have few list libraries which have move than 5000 record items on different sub sites. Currently the highest ...
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View item limit settings get changed automatically

I have a strange problem. The item limit for the views get changed automatically without me changing anything. The item limit was initially set to "Display items in batches of specified size". Today, ...
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SPAuditQuery.RowLimit and Paging in Auditing

While trying to retrieve the Auditing entries programmatically, we pass the SPAuditQuery instance to the SPAudit.GetEntries method. The SPAuditQuery has a RowLimit property. Are there any limits (...
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Grouped List View won't paginate properly

I have built a view of my document library where the items are grouped by a couple of columns. It is set to display 3 groups per page, and display items in batches of 10. In the Library, this works as ...
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Throttling limit per list in SharePoint Online

Is it possible to disable the throttling limit in SPO list, using: $list = $web.Lists["MyList"] $list.EnableThrottling = $false $list.Update() as described here or in other way? So far my tests have ...
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what SPQuery.RowLimit return

In the below code what query.RowLimit = 3 will return. i guess if i got 10 values in query variable, then query.RowLimit = 3 will return first 3 values, Am i correct? or it will return somthing else? ...
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How to query large list and retrieve one field of all items?

Image a list with i.e. 20.000 list items. All items have the field ContainerId (indexed). I now want to retrieve all ContainerIds to do other stuff with those. SPQuery is limited to a maximum of 2000 ...
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SharePoint 2013 document library folder limitation

We are working on new project with required storing >50k documents in a document library under single folder. I am wondering if there is any limitation on how many documents we can store in a folder. ...
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Showing Items of Custom List

I created a new custom list then I created new web-part with custom list. I added xsl code for the web-part. I want to five item appears on homepage. If users click on "All Items", they redirect to ...
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