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Third-party freeware which automates installation of SharePoint 2010/2013 using PowerShell-based installation script.

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I want to auto-install SharePoint 2013, 2016 and 2019 without having internet connection, is this possible?

We want to migrate a lot of SharePoint 2010 environments to 2019. And to do so we need to arrange for 3 environments;SharePoint 2013, 2016 and 2019. So to fasten this process can we write a power ...
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SharePoint 2019 Installation Error - NoComponentID

I am installing a SharePoint 2019 on a single server for development purposes. I am using AutoSPInstaller to do the install. After running that application and the installation completes, I can ...
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AutoSPInstaller alternatives for setting up SharePoint 2019 farm? [closed]

In the past we often used AutoSPInstaller to set up SharePoint farms which worked quite well. Recently I heard the recommendation to stop using it since it is not being actively developed anymore. (?)...
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AutoSpInstaller warning during SP2013 Install

I am installing a SP2013 Dev instance. I have SQL 2012 and SP2013 on the same machine. I don't have reporting services installed but I did add the SharePoint reports service option during SQL ...
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ISO Of Office Web Apps 2013

Someone knows where I can download the ISO OF Office Web Apps 2013 other than Volume Licensing Service Center (I have the license but the username and password is lost).
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User Profile Service Application SPPrefix issue

I am currently trying to install SharePoint 2016 using AutoSPInstaller, the only issue I have is that when it tries to Create the User Profile Service Application I get the following error: New-...
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Getting Error while installing Enterprise search with Autospinstaller

Provisioning Enterprise Search... Script halted! ception : System.Management.Automation.RuntimeException: You cannot call a method on a null-valued expression....
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AutoSpInstaller: Getting an error/warning installing SharePoint 2016

Iam seting up my development enviroment on Hyper-V virtual machine, and every thing works fine on SQL server. I can ping sql sever by ip and servername. But when i run AutoSPInstaller i get an error: ...
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Configuration SetUp for 2 Tier farm

we are currently planning to set up a 2 tier SharePoint 2013 Enterprise farm. Two tiers with a MySQL Cluster (we are not touching this, we get it as a service) with 2 Servers in Layer 1 (Server1 ...
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SharePoint Setup Account (SP_Install) really necessary?

We’ve all been there assigning all accounts to install SharePoint. Specifically we use a setup account (SP_Install) and a farm administrator account (SP_Farm). When we install signed in to the server ...
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My site "integration" with portal is not working.

I am using SharePoint 2013 Enterprise, on premise. I have just finished installing SharePoint in a farm with 4 SharePoint servers: 2 front-end and 2 application (back-end) servers. I installed ...
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Creating Site Collection - Access Denied

I am remotelly installing SP 2013 via AutoSPInstaller and I am having trouble during script while its try to create site collection. -------------------------------------------------------------- ----...
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Adding server to SharePoint 2013 farm

If I want to add 3 more web application to my existing SharePoint 2013 farm, is that better to install SharePoint on each servers and add them via Configuration Wizard or using AutoSPInstaller tool?
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When starting User profile synchronization does SharePoint check if one managed accounts have "Replicate directory changes" permission?

I'm trying to start User Profile synchronization service but I'm stuck on starting. Does SharePoint check if one of the managed accounts have replicated directory changes permission? Can user ...
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AutoSPInstaller install script failed with Warning: Cannot locate SharePoint binaries

I have trouble understanding a warning message I get when I start the AutoSPInstaller script. This is something I have seen first time after countless installations of SharePoint 2013. I have also no ...
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Portal website not working correctly

for developing I created a 3 server architecture in Hyper-V: AD, SQL Server 2014, SharePoint 2013 SP1. The AutoSPInstaller script runs trough perfectly, however I encounter a weird problem: the ...
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How would you build an AutoSPConfigurator (to be used when farm is installed) [closed]

I would like to have a tool that is an equalent to AutoSPInstaller, but for configuring the most used out-of-the-box features. It would do the following: Create sites Upload term set and configure ...
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Multi server installation using autospinstaller

I am trying to install in a farm which has 1 app server which hosts the central admin server and 1 wfe and 1 search server. I have added server name in provision tag depends on which service to run on ...
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