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May be, write a sharepoint designer workflow that will copy text from Created by and copy it to another new text field on item creation. Once copied, use this new field in your flow for calculation. Sequence of sharepoint designer and flow trigger can get tricky, so you might want to play around by carrying some tests, to make sure field is updated first ...


Flow is not designed to do this, for security Flow can only connect to your calendar not other users. Your best bet is to save the Flow as a template, then have the users that need the flow to run on their calendar use the template for their own Flow.


One of the actions is sharepoint: update list item. It will ask for the id of the list item, just use the id of the item from a previous step. Be careful though, this action is a PITA: if your list has 20 fields, all 20 fields will be added in the designer. choice fields will have their default values set, so you'll need to go through and clear those as to ...


I think this is what you are looking for:

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