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SharePoint default form json - How to set a section name to = the display name of a user from a people-picker

Unfortunately, this is not possible using SharePoint Online JSON form formatting. displayname in custom body sections only allows plain "text" values. It does not allow expressions. Even if ...
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Add-SPOOrgAssetsLibrary : Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation

You have to use an account with Global Administrator or SharePoint Administrator role in Microsoft 365 to create an organization assets library in your SharePoint tenant. Check this documentation for ...
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SharePoint Online - wrong file upload limit in document collection

Found the problem. It's indeed a permissions problem. I used custom permission levels to grant the uploader as little permissions as possible. Obviously the uploader needs "Add Items". "...
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Disable or hide Return to classic in Sharepoint Server 2019 on premise

Please use SharePoint Online Management Shell to run the following command to hide this option. Download link: SharePoint Online Management Shell Get Start: Get started with SharePoint Online ...
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SharePoint custom templates doesn't appear on word online (on word app works fine)

Same here with Organization assets library setup in SharePoint Office clients PowerPoint templates appear Word Templates appear Office Online: PowerPoint templates appear Word Templates do NOT ...
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SharePoint Search REST API does not return custom columns values

I was able to accomplish this by using postquery instead of query. postquery uses Post and you have to add the managed propriety name to the SelectProperties. More information at: SharePoint Search ...
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