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SharePoint - show Yes/No column from a lookup table

Your question: This third column is available for selection in list B - I am able to show it list B. However it appears as text. Is there a way to show it as Yes/No column (with ticks/checkboxes)? ...
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Link to Add item into a lookup list

Yes, it is possible to add a new item to List B from within List A in SharePoint Online. One way to achieve this is by using Power Apps. You can create a custom form in Power Apps that allows the user ...
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JSON formatting column based upon added column of lookup column

When you have a lookup column, and then other columns associated with that list that you are bringing in, and you want to use them in JSON column formatting, you have to get their specific internal ...
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SharePoint - show Yes/No column from a lookup table

Your workaround (create another calculated column with text value Yes or No) is correct. In fact, it is not possible to create a lookup column with a Yes/No field: The following table summarizes the ...
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