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I'm using SP OnPrem 2016 and this is working for me. The key is knowing how to set the hidden field that stores that values for the field. The SetMultiSelectLookup function is totally generic. In my case I am setting default Language Direction, so the values J>E means Japanese>English, etc. This is the Title field of my lookup list. //setup default values ...


Seems you are looking for multi select cascading dropdowns, I found at code at below link, not tried though. But I think this should work with some tweaks. Ref link - using // (Newform.aspx, ...


Thanks, everyone, especially @jerry_MSFT, you always help me in difficult times. Based on your suggestions, I check my Lookup Column Setting and realize something new: When I choose: The Lookup Column Title (linked to the item). The Flow can't get the ID of the Lookup item. But when I choose: The Lookup Column Title, It works fine.


Tan, It seems you have some trouble with the flow i set. I recreated a new set of lists and the flow shows look up column ID properly. Please double check the lookup column setting. And you can add a get item action to get more properties of the newly created item.


It seems currencies is a lookup column. It can be with a flow like below. Use the currency id to find the corresponding exRate in the currency list and set the exRate to the current item Exchange Rate column For updating exRate when changed in the target list, you can use another flow to do so. About how to filter look up column, please check this:https://...


A couple things I see going wrong here... First of all, you are doing an arbitrary loop of 100 repetitions, when instead the HTMLCollection that is returned from getElementsByTagName has a length property, so you can set up the loop to run exactly as many times as needed. Second, inside the loop you are doing JSON.stringify(items). So that's sending the ...

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