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Failed to connect to the existing server farm located at the specified database server and database name. The db name is not a valid configuration

The new server should have same CU as the current one. Once you do that, running product configuration wizard won't show error.
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Remove offline Server (Front-end) from SharePoint 2016 Farm

The best practice to remove a server from a SharePoint farm is directly from this server, by uninstalling SharePoint and using the PowerShell command Disconnect-SPConfigurationDatabase locally. Of ...
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What is the future for remote event receivers for SharePoint online?

MS recently updated their articles with a warning than even non-ACS dependent event receivers will be retired (one year after the ACS-based ones). The below text is taken from
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SPFx web parts missing in SharePoint 2019 modern sites

The installation states it's for Office online. I am going to assume that maybe there is a difference in the SPFX version that ...
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Can not access configuration wizard after Sharepoint 2019 installation

The answer was a very simple, I had to run Central Admin on the SQL server and it worked perfectly. I was able to run the config wizard and setup the first site.
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SharePoint File Viewer Web Part Missing More Options (...)

There is a workaround for this; Select the Embed Web Part, the ellipses (More options (...)) should be visible on the top right. Connect to your desired source (for example: a document library). In ...
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SharePoint File Viewer Web Part Missing More Options (...)

Please refer to the steps in this article: Dynamic preview via file viewer web part in SharePoint
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