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What is the future for remote event receivers for SharePoint online?

MC693865 · Provider Hosted Apps Retirement Will impact all provider hosted apps using ACS and the RER's that were registered using the app... Since the release of SharePoint Add-Ins in 2013, Microsoft ...
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Shall we use same service account on DR as Production

I would recommend to use separate accounts for different environments, especially when it comes to the security aspect. A dedicated service account should only possess the minimum necessary ...
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SharePoint check in error

Tiago has already provided a good answer, I would just add to it by saying you might have required columns, perhaps hidden from view, which are required (i.e. may not be left blank). To check this go ...
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SharePoint check in error

The moment you have required properties, the checkin mechanism will start to kick in. You can upload a document but if the required property is not filled-in, it will be uploaded as a checkedout draft ...
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OneDrive / SharePoint disable suggestion share user name

Unfortunately it's not possible. Someone has previously made the same request as you, please check it out:
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