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Staging environment is an environment used to assemble, test and review newer versions of software before it is moved into production.

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SharePoint SPFx webapp on staging site

I created a SharePoint SPFx react webpart that is now deployed on one of my SharePoint sites. I want to continue to make updates to this webpart. I "cloned" my SharePoint site so that it can ...
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Can Prod and Dev share the same AD? (SP 2016 On-Prem)

We are preparing to migrate our client's SP 2016 On-Prem to SP Online. As our first steps we are planning to: Create a Dev environment as a copy of the SP On-Prem (origin), but without most of the ...
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Debug or release build on staging

Obviously staging environment should be an exact copy of production environment. In that sense it is expected to have release built libraries. But... It's still just a staging server and it makes our ...
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SharePoint staging environment

We are looking to make a new SharePoint implementation on our enterprise. My company have defined a different domain as dev, qa and prod environments with no trust relationship. Lets call them ...
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What is the Best Practise to use the managed service accounts and service accounts for staging environment?

For preparing staging environment for sharepoint 2013 what is the best practise to create managed service accounts and service accounts. Do i keep Same Managed accounts that i currently i am using in ...
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Staging Environment & Migration to TFS

My team from Microsoft already has a SharePoint site up and running. My job is to take a portion of it and migrate it to TFS. My Manager told me that I have to find a staging environment for ...
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How to find out missing or deleted site collections in Staging Environment

We have created some 40+ site collections in staging environment.On the dev machines we used to development and deploy the wsps and run the powershell scripts in UAT to create site collections and ...
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Is it possible to use profile sync on two a production and staging sharepoint server?

Our staging server has been neglected for a while, and I'm trying to get it back to as close as production as I can. I'm trying to setup profile sync and I've used the same accounts for production and ...
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Visual Studio installed on UAT environment

I have UAT environment set up on my client's infrastructure. We don't have Visual Studio installed on it and basically when client reports an error on custom developed features I am digging through ...
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SharePoint 2010 no code deployment

Is it possible to deploy changes from a Staging environment to production environment without custom code or solution packages? Basically, I don't want to disturb an existing content. Suppose in dev ...
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Is there anyway to execute a web scoped timer jobs manually

My timer job runs every 15 minutes so on Staging server I have to wait 15 minutes while waiting for results after deploying it, is there any way I can simply execute it, I remember there was some ...
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Copying a Content Database to another Farm?

I have a Sharepoint Farm and I want a clone of it, under a different hostname (Preprod vs. prod). We setup the Preprod farm from scratch, with new Web Applications. We then restored a backup of the ...
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File transformations before packaging WSP

I need to modify the content of some files in my SP 2010 project before packaging, something like Web.Config transformations. I need a file to have different content based on the environment: Debug, ...
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Copy the whole production environment to staging

There is the following WSS solution deployment scenario: Copy the whole production WSS to staging Deploy new solution/update to staging Run automated tests & human tests on staging Deploy new ...
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How to handle staging environments

We have convinced a number of customers that their SharePoint solution is a critical business system and should be handled as such. This will in most cases include a staging environment, but ...
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