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Is Office365 tenant required for SharePoint 2019 SPFx development

As per MS , we have to setup a Office 365 tenant before we can develop a SPFx webparts. Is it mandatory to have the Office 365 tenant or can proceed without having to create a Microsoft 365 tenant.
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Make a SharePoint site the subsite of another SharePoint site

I have a SharePoint Team site, SiteA, that is on the top level (it is not a subsite of any other site). It is not connected to an Office 365 group. I have another SharePoint Team site, SiteB, also on ...
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SharePoint staging environment

We are looking to make a new SharePoint implementation on our enterprise. My company have defined a different domain as dev, qa and prod environments with no trust relationship. Lets call them ...
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SharePoint Dev and Prod running on same Farm

We have a weird requirement today to have the Same Environment for SharePoint Development and Production. What could be the potential disadvantages to having such an environment?
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SharePoint environment to practice

I am about to quit my current job. This means that I won´t be able to use their SharePoint environment anymore. Is there a way to get a SharePoint 2013 environment to practice?
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Create SharePoint 2016 dev and test environment (cloning)

Our company decided to organize the environment for development and testing for SharePoint 2016. At first I thought to clone a half of VMs of servers of a farm of sharepoint in our normal test vlan ...
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Easy way to create testing environment of SharePoint 2010 Application

I want to create a test environment for SharePoint 2010 Application. The steps I will follow are. Backup development Application content DB. Create a new site in Testing environment and replace its ...
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How to Move a Survey List from SharePoint Online to SharePoint 2010 Environment

I am putting together a simple survey for a customer but I do not yet have access to his SharePoint 2010 environment. However, one of my colleagues does. I'd like to create the survey in a SharePoint ...
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Staging Environment & Migration to TFS

My team from Microsoft already has a SharePoint site up and running. My job is to take a portion of it and migrate it to TFS. My Manager told me that I have to find a staging environment for ...
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Workflows working in test, but not in production

I have a list that I have created with workflows to send me an email when a new item is added. The workflows work in our test environment, but when I import the list into our production environment, ...
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Change default path powerpoint conversion

The default path to store temporary files from PowerPoint conversion is: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\SharePoint\PowerPointConversion\ Is there a way to change this path (entire or part would be useful)...
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sharepoint development environment

Does Microsoft provide free online development environment for SharePoint 2010? If yes . Please can you share the link and how to access it Even if access is limited to one month or so...
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Can I set up sharepoint 2013 on Windows Surface Pro 2

Can I set up sharepoint 2013 on Windows Surface Pro 2 ? I am going to buy surface pro 2 and would like to know whether it is possible or not. Thanks in advance. Simply for us there was a dispute. ...
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What is SP2013 optimal environment setup?

Will put up a SharePoint 2013 in a Vmware environment. Will have 8000 + users when everything is completed. Boss wants it on Windows 2008 R2 and Sql 2008 R2. Personally, I would prefer Windows Server ...
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Copying SharePoint 2010 farm to a different server

I am creating a replica server of my current SharePoint 2010 production server. The production SP is integrated with Project and TFS. Here is what I have done so far: Installed SQL 2008, SharePoint ...
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Powershell and CredSSP in Production Environments

I try deploy Sharepoint WSP projects using PowerShell Remoting. See Solution is configure CredSSP for ...
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Where to put a dev-only value?

I'm using Ninject in a SharePoint feature. I've got it working via an HttpModule. I need to tell Ninject whether I want to use my real or "fake" implementations. I'm thinking about using a web....
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How to manage hardcoded paths in custom InfoPath forms for different environments (dev, staging, release)?

When you create custom InfoPath forms for your SharePoint components (lists, workflow tasks or initialization form etc) all web references point to InfoPath Designer. Create one from a blank form and ...
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Affordable SharePoint 2010 environment for home learning

My employer has started making investment into SharePoint 2010, however that investment falls short when it comes to actually training staff! I'm a developer at the moment, but I'm unsure whether I'd ...
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Sharepoint backups - Development image

I'm looking into creating an image of a SP 2010 development environment. I would like to avoid operations like restoring the image of the virtual machine (the environment is on a virtual PC) and opt ...
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Recommendations on browsing sites on a virtual SharePoint 2010 development environment

I currently have SharePoint 2010 installed on a virtual machine running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard. This setup works fine except when browsing the site from the virtual machine which doesn't ...
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Application Server Offline - Content Still Served

Our environment has 2 web front ends, 1 application server and 1 SQL server. If the Application server (which has central admin) is offline will the front ends still serve content?
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Remove SQL Dependencies from SP Standalone Cloned VM

I have made a copy of a standalone SP 2010 VM -> VM_2. I've renamed it, defined another IP. Now VM_1 and VM_2 run simultaneously. I've added following line to hosts file: MY_NEW_IP VM_1 VM_2 to ...
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How to move a list, both structure and content from one server to another quickly?

I have a list sitting on a production server. I would like to copy the list, both structure and content from the production server to a dev machine. I am not too worried about preserving permissions....
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Practical WSS 3.0 development environment?

I'm looking to set up a small development environment at home and I'm trying to figure out my options (a key consideration for me is price). Assume I have nothing but a Windows 7 32 bit PC. I think ...
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Develop SharePoint with text editor / command-line environment?

Is it feasible to develop a full-blown web application with SharePoint using a text editor and command-line based environment? Say I wanted to use Vim, svn/git, and powershell. So minimal use of ...
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SharePoint Services 2.0 SP2 - upgrade to SharePoint Services 3.0 SP2

I'm working for a company that is using SharePoint. The colleague that was in charge of SharePoint left the firm, and for the last 2-3 years he didn't do anything with it. For that reason we are ...
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