I've created a page that shows documents that are pending approval from different sites(content approval in libraries).

I configured a managed property RefinableString01 and RefinableInt01 and mapped it to the crawled property ows__ModerationStatus.

In the search page, I tried using RefinableString01:'0', RefinableInt01:0 etc. This query doesn't work consistently.

It brings documents that are pending approval from various sites, but it also sometimes keeps showing documents that are in approved state!

Initially I thought its just due to the delay in Crawling but this keeps happening and even after waiting for 24-48 hours and re-indexing the library and site, few approved document keeps showing up.

Can we use the crawled property ows__ModerationStatus and _ModerationStatus and use them in queries by mapping to mapped properties? or is it not possible to show documents that are pending approval in SharePoint online

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After you map RefinableInt01 to the crawled property ows__ModerationStatus, you may need to go to site settings > Search and offline availability > Reindex Site, and go to related library > library settings > Advanced settings > Reindex Document library

What's more, per my test, if we want to search for pending approval files, we need to use RefinableInt01:2

Here is my test result

enter image description here

enter image description here

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