I have been banging my head over this for a couple of days, I am trying to filter out documents in my kql query that haven't been approved by my workflow. My workflow is a standard publishing workflow, but no matter if the file is approved or not, it still shows up in the search results.

I've read that you're supposed to map the ows__ModerationStatus crawled property to a managed property, but the ows__ModerationStatus crawled property is missing. I've tried re-indexing the document library with the workflow on and have waited for days for it to show up. I've searched moderation, ows and multiple terms to find it. I even searched ows and went through each property individually and it hasn't been crawled. Can anyone give me assistance on this? I've tried 2 separate tenants and both aren't giving me this crawled property. Is there a better way of doing this or am I missing something?


I have figured out my problem here, the _ModerationStatus field was hidden so i had to create a custom script to unhide the column and then it was crawled

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