In our tenant, we have a library with multiple contentTypes (Document category). Every contentType has one unique Choice column (Document Sub-category. I added the columns to the index, and mapped them to different managed properties. All properties are showing up in my custom search-center, except for one.

What I tried/found:

  • I found the crawled property,
  • I mapped the Crawled property to a refinablestring,
  • I made sure there were checked-in and approved files with the property,
  • I Installed the 'SharePoint search Query tool' and searched for relevant files to see if the crawled property shows up
  • I compared it to other ContentTypes that also have a choice column (Not the same column) crawled metadata.

Any idea why my mapped property does not show up in either the search query tool, or the search center.

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Make sure the crawled property is include in full_text index and managed property is searchable and wait for full crawl to complete.

  • How do i know it is included in the full-text index. I looked at the managed properties and none of them are included in the full-text index, though most of them work. I cannot do a full crawl, since i'm on SharePoint Online. but i definitely waited more than 72 hours
    – PVEska
    Jun 18, 2020 at 7:14

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