I am working on a sharepoint farm 2013. and i wanted to arrange the documents inside our document libraries, by creating additional libraries, create folders, remove duplicate documents, etc..

and during this period i disable user alerts by defining "1234" inside the Outbound SMTP server, as follow:-

enter image description here

now i finished my work, and i want to define back the real "Outbound SMTP server".. but i am afraid that some users might have defined to get user alerts on daily basis or on weekly basis , and as a result they might receive many users' alerts emails. so my question is; If there is a way inside sharepoint to clear any pending user alerts' emails?

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Reference here

1- Click Settings SharePoint 2016 Settings button on title bar. or Site Actions Button image , and then click Site Settings.

2- Under Site Administration, click User alerts.

3- Click Display alerts for to select a user, and then click Update.

4- Select the checkbox next to the alert you want to delete, and then click Delete Selected Alerts.

5- Click OK.

  • i do not want to delete the actual users alerts themselves.. i just want to clear any pending emails that might be sent if i return back the correct value inside the "Outbound SMTP server".. i hope this clarify my question..
    – John John
    Oct 17, 2018 at 15:48

Check Immediate alerts timer job status. Cancel the scheduled jobs is any.

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