I have a set of project sites in Sharepoint 2013 on premises, each of which contains a list of content type Project details.

This content type contains columns for Project Name, Project Manager and Project Status.

I have use this to display info about multiple projects on a page, as search results.

I can find crawled properties like ows_Project_x0020_Status and ows_Project_x0020_Manager and I am able to map them to refiners.

But I cannot find any ows_Project_x0020_Name.

I would like to sort the search results on Project Name, and I also would like to use Project Name as a refiner (to get a list of all projects).

I have found out that the name of the field that I call Project Name is not only Project Name, it is also Title

But mapping ows_Title to a RefinableString and starting a full crawl does not seem to help. This was all I did to make ows_Project_x0020_Status and ows_Project_x0020_Manager refinable.

How can I make the list item Title (Project Name) refinable?

  • Why are you not useing proper internalnames by Setting the column Name to the internalname you want and then the Display Name. This only works on creating Apr 13, 2016 at 7:02
  • In this case it was the Title field that was renamed Project Name, so no managed property had been created for Project Name. The Project Manager and Project Status columns were created new, so with those columns there were no issues.
    – Gunilla
    Apr 13, 2016 at 12:18

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One possible solution, is to ask the administrator to change this using the administration tools on the server: Go to Search Schema, and check the sortable checkbox (and, if desired, also the refinable checkbox) for the managed property Title.

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