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Custom WCF Service responds with 413 Request Entity too large

Heres the sample from the Blog: Generate a class like this: public class CustomMultipleBaseAddressWebServiceHostFactory : Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Services....
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Error configuring Sharepoint 2016

Do you have any error about WCF data services and AppFabric? If yes, i suggest you post your special error message So that we can help you solve it better. This is a reference about how to: Add, ...
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2 votes

SharePoint Online Remote Event Receiver intermittently not firing

In the end I started to think outside of SharePoint and more about about WCF Web Services generally. When calling a .svc, all the relevant data needs to be sent with the call, and it would make sense ...
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Custom Web Service does not export the correct endpoint url

_vti_bin is a special folder since it's "virtualized" and can be called by any valid (but non-physical in IIS/ASP.NET sense) SP Web site. ASP.NET .asmx infrastructure (that is responsible for the ...
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Access to _vti_bin

The _vti_bin is the built-in SharePoint Web services directory, it's not the default directory for the custom deployed web service. To can deploy your custom WCF to this directory, you should add ...
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How to get data from SQL with Sharepoint and use them in VSTO

BCS would most likely be the way to go for you. But that will abstract away the real source of the data and it will feel more like a sharepoint list that a SQL datasource. But it will be the SP Server ...
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1 vote

Access SQL Data via Web-Services (Sharepoint)

Create a Secure Store Target App, Central Administrations> Application Management > manage service Application> Secure store service, if it doesn't exist, create the Service Application. on the ...
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Sharepoint with WCF Service HTTP request

Assuming that you are on SharePoint 2013- I had to create a custom WCF service as well and there is good guidance for doing that in this article You will not need to rely on a web.config file for ...
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How to create a Rest wcf service on SharePoint?

I found out what the problem was. After checking the EventViewer (which is recommended) I found some exceptions related to my custom service service similar to "...more than one endpoints configured.....
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REST API + Expand Recurring Calendar Events?

Another approach is to fetch the calendar items using REST Api and expand the recurring events using SPEventsParser library(GitHub repository). first Get the calendar items using REST like this: /...
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REST API + Expand Recurring Calendar Events?

Look into the RecurrenceData field: [site]/_api/Web/Lists(guid'[[GUID]')/Items([ID])/RecurrenceData. You get an string of xml. You can transform it to JSON if needed. The object you get back is ...
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