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I think you are adding this code in wrong place. Try following approach: How to set the JSLink property of your Web Part: Create JavaScript file with the code you are using. Click on Gear icon at top right corner. Edit the Page on which you have added list web part. Select the list web part and edit web part properties. Go to Miscellaneous --> JS Link ...


Try using below formula: =IF([ChoiceField]="New York","Person1",IF([ChoiceField]="Florida","Person2",[ChoiceField])) This formula is similar to: if(ChoiceField === "New York") { CalculatedValue = "Person1"; } else if(ChoiceField === "Florida") { CalculatedValue = "Person2"; } else { CalculatedValue = ChoiceField; } IF Function: Returns ...


You could do this by creating a new calculated column and use this as a formula (I used the column names from your question, so update them if necessary): =[employee first name]&" "&[employee last name] This page contains more on the formulas that can be used in calculated columns.


I think for your requirement you can use PowerApps custom visual for Power BI. Please refer below link: PowerApps custom visual for Power BI Sample video for overview

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