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Your request should be using GetByName instead of GetByTitle So your request should be:'TestGroup')/users/getbyemail('') Reference:


How to update a person field using spHttpClient A few things to note: Before doing the actual update you must ensure the user Id of the user, this is what you will input as the field value. You must add Id to your field name. If the field name is Personyou should use PersonIdin the update body. private updatePeopleField(username: string, listname: string, ...


TextX, NumberX, .... are not available for reporting and - unfortunately - you can't even use it in a formula of an Enterprise Custom Field. From client, you are able to import a field like MyText1=[Text1] without error. But this formula will not work.


The Url of the designated "default" or "home" page is stored in a property named WelcomePage. To retrieve this value from a REST call, perform a GET "<<subsiteurlhere>>/_api/web/rootfolder?$select=welcomepage". Since it is a GET request, you can even test this in the browser, for example:

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