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Setting a SharePoint Online's site "Title" property using the REST API?

You can use SharePoint REST API call like below to update the SharePoint online site Title: <script type="text/javascript" src="/sites/SPConnect/SiteAssets/jquery.min.js"><...
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Setting a SharePoint Online's site "Title" property using the REST API?

I haven't tried the techniques described in this blog post, but it's possible it may help you. How To Change The Site Title Of Modern SharePoint Team Site
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Using Linux Shell scripting to upload a document to SharePoint

I had to upload to file request URL and your solution did not work, if anyone is trying to upload a file to a onedrive or sharepoint file request url my code got quite extense and only uses native ...
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Remote event receiver stop working after deploying them inside azure web app

There is a known issue when adding remote event receivers using PnP.PowerShell they don't fire. See this:
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Not able to download document which is having # in Document Name

To use CSOM API with filename containing # or %, new methods must be used (with Path inside the name). Check this article from Microsoft:
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Creating 365 group with Graph API adds "Everyone except external users" to the members site permissions

I believe I have found my answer. In the requestBody there is a property called Visibility and a Microsoft 365 group defaults to public. See here: Group visibility options I set mine to "Private&...
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