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in my case it's ok with : /_api/Web/ContentTypes('0x010100ED0CEB986D733A47AD45D9A995911BAA')/Fields full code to display contentType fields available here


you can use a REST request as below /_api/Web/getByTitle('Pages')/ContentTypes/getById('0x0101007D18D0E5D0A176498869E2673AD0CA14')/Fields


I have the impression that you have misled, there is two errors appearing here: The first is "txtContent": "@Assigned?" should be "txtContent": "@currentField" The second you are trying to format a row in a column formatting section ? even if you correct the first error it will format only the column you are working on, but for the whole row please check ...


What does "@Assigned?" represent in your code? Is it the name of current column? If so, pleace use "@currentField" instead of "@Assigned?". { "$schema": "", "elmType": "div", "txtContent": "@currentField", "style": { "color": "#fff", "padding-left":...

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