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How did you set the value of the workflow variable temp? It will be better to check it as it seems to get value in the approval process. For troubleshooting you issue, I will suggest to add some log actions to output the value of variables like the approval status and the temp in before and after the approval and if condition. It will help us to see where ...


for those who still needs a solution. Follow the steps provided by Marius. (Click Preview in Browser -> Edit Browser List -> Add... -> Add... -> Provide Name (Can be any)-> Command (Provide path to chrome.eexe; use 'Browse...' if needed) Now, click again 'Preview in Browser' in the ribbon then in the dropdown list, select the one for your Chrome. (Refer to ...


It is by design that Workflow local variables for Date/Time store value doesn’t go with the site regional settings and it cannot be changed for the time being. In my test environment, the variable is using the time zone UTC +0. If I change the time zone under site regional settings to UTC, I will find these two values equal.


For SharePoint Designer it may be needed to do everything by hand with hard coding. A more OOB way will be using InfoPath, you can display a view that is based on a user role. Or you will need to create a data connection to receive the user information and add rules for switching views. Similar thread here:Change view on Infopath form depending on user ...

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