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Auto Approve ensure that a task approved automatically without an approve having to manually approve it.

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Document Library - Require content approval for submitted items for selected groups

Using the Versioning Settings in the SharePoint document settings I have Draft Item Security turned on. Although, even if an admin or owner uploads a document, they have to approve it. Is there a way ...
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auto approve sharing request

SP2013 on premise here. Users of a site should be allowed to share any document they have edit rights for. While users can do this by the default behavior using an email sent to the owner of the ...
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When sharing file, why does SP send access request when the people sharing both already have access?

We have a SharePoint 2013 site that is open access company-wide (NT authenticated users have "contribute no delete" access). When a user clicks on a file and selects "Share" to send it to somebody ...
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How to auto-approve the task form

When we start an approval process the user should need not to click on the approve button on task form, it should auto approve. Does any one know how to perform this?
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How to publish custom pages from feature

I have created a custom Home page as well as another custom page which are being added to the pages library in a publishing portal site. The pages are successfully being added, however they are not ...
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How to force auto-approval in a community sub-site via c#

I have created a sub site from the community template with unique permission. For my users I need to force the auto-approval. Is there a way to do it using management shell or C# code?
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How to successfully implement "Auto-accept requests?"

Caution: If you select yes for the Auto-accept requests option, any user requesting access to this group will automatically be added as a member of the group and receive the permission levels ...
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Community Page: How to Auto-Approve User access request?

Plan for communities in SharePoint Server 2013 shows the different kind of permission types a community has. I'm interested in the "Open community with explicit membership. Everyone can view the site ...
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