I have created a custom Home page as well as another custom page which are being added to the pages library in a publishing portal site. The pages are successfully being added, however they are not published, they are in pending status. I would like to have them both published once the feature is activated, how can i go about doing this?

Other info: The pages are being added via a module.Is there a way i can find the pages and activate in an event receiver? If so how?


Well you can try something like:

SPList lstPages = web.Lists.TryGetList("Pages");
if (lstPages != null)
    SPListItemCollection pagesColl = lstPages.Items;
    foreach (SPListItem page in pagesColl)
        page.File.Publish("Page published by Feature Event Receiver");

If you want to get only those pages which you have created, you can use SPQuery to filter List Items or in the loop you can put condition like if (page["Title"] == "Your Page Title")

Let me know if you need help

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