I have a list called IT Projects. Each item in this list is linked to Project.aspx with a different Query String passed in to filter the page depending one which project you click on. I also have a document library called Project Documents. Within that library, I have a folder for each project in IT Projects. Whenever a new item in IT Projects is created, a designer workflow kicks off to create a new folder for that project.


  1. 00test item is created in IT Projects list.
  2. 00test folder is created in Project Documents library.
  3. 00test item's URL is linked to ../Project.aspx?ProjectName=00test and library location is linked to ../Project Documents/00test

The only problem I have which this solution is that when a new item is created, I need to manually assign a column default value on the newly created folder (00test in this example). Is there a to have this done through workflow or a better solution?

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You would need to edit the actual object using the SPSite object to change the fields of the list..

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