I'm really getting into SharePoint and trying to use it to benefit the business I work for however I've hit my first real roadblock.

Background: I have a list called Projects which I create items with the below fields:

  • Title
  • Site
  • PID (determined from a lookup with another list)
  • Status.

eg: Project 1, Site 1, TP-CH-0001, 1. Active Project

I also have another list (document library) called Project Library with hierarchy:

  1. Active Projects
    • Site 1
    • Site 2
  2. Held Projects
  3. Closed Projects

What I want to achieve: When a user creates a new item in list Projects a SPD WF creates a Folder in the relevant folder in Project Library.

For example: User creates new item in Projects with details:

Project 1, Site 1, TP-CH-0001, 1. Active Project

This should create a folder called:

"TP-CH-001 Project 1"

in the below filepath in Project Library

  1. Active Projects/Site 1/

Current Settings: WF Settings:

If CurrentItem:Site equals Site 1
Create item in Project Library (Output to Variable: create3)

Create Item Settings:
Path & Name (*) - 1. Active Projects/Site 1/
Content Type ID - Folder
Title - [%Current Item:PID%] [%Current Item:Title%]

The WF now seems to complete the stage but no folder is creating in the specified directory?

Would really appreciate any help.

Thanks so much Ben

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You should set the Path & Name (*) as below

1. Active Projects/Site 1/TP-CH-001 Project 1

enter image description here

  • Thanks @Amal Hashim. I managed to use this which created the folder then changed to: 1. Active Projects/Site 1/[%Current Item:PID%] [%Current Item:Title%] This created it based off the current item info Thanks so much!
    – Ben Smith
    Oct 27, 2017 at 15:37

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