I have a contracts list on the top level site because it needs to be accessed by multiple subsites, however one of the subsites has a list that gathers some pieces of information that I need to push to that top level list as a new item.

In SPDesigner, I can create a workflow to update an item in a list on the same site, but not a different site (top or otherwise).

Can anyone tell me how I can update or add a new item on a top level site list from a subsite?

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You can try SharePoint 2010 ECMA script which could be triggered from within a CEWP (but not automatically upon insert!). You need to make sure you get a reference to the List in the Top-Level site, not on the context Web using something like :

currentcontext = new SP.ClientContext.get_current();
this.sitecoll = currentcontext.get_site();  //-> Gets Top level site collection

See example for update at the following locations:

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