I have a top site containing many lists about suppliers and related datas. I created a subsite to give access to some of those datas to other factories from our group. My plan is to get the supplier list from the top site through a REST Service and then link it to a new list stored on the subsite to display suppliers of both factories. My problem is that the REST service doesn't work. I used this link : https://my.site.net/personal/XXXXXX/TopSite/_vti_bin/ListData.svc/LISTNAME This link works in internet explorer, I see all my list items. I create the REST Service but when I do on a page inser-->data view--> REST-ListName I have a current data source error "the server returned a non specifid error when trying to get the data from the data source. check the format and content of your query and try again"

What am I doing wrong? Is it really possible to do what I want? Meaning when I edit items in the linked data view originally contained in the topsite list, will it also update them? Or do I need to try something completely new?

Thank you for your help, I'm a newby sharepoint intern...

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So, the reason because of which the REST API is not working : You are trying to fetch data from cross domain where your "Personal Site" and the site where you are fetching data both are different.

there is a work around for the problem. Instead of REST, you can write Search Queries. For reference, visit the following link: https://dev.office.com/sharepoint/docs/general-development/sharepoint-search-rest-api-overview


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