I want to be able to set a navigation link on a Team site to point to an anchor of a page. Something like this:


When I set the address to that when editing the navigation link, it strips out the #section4 part of the URL after saving. Is there a way around this?

On a Communication site, it does NOT strip out the anchor tag from the URL in the top navigation, and it works as it should.

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This is a known issue in SharePoint online modern experience.

You can follow this thread: On page Anchors/bookmarks issue found

I have also noticed that the anchored links work on other communication sites but not in root communication site top navigation.

Here are few things you can try/consider:

  1. Create links to headings at the top of page & add page URL in site navigation --> Unfortunately it increases on additional click
  2. Anchored links work in Quick links web part --> If possible create a quick links web part with anchored links on the site home page
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