I am currently configuring my navigation bar in SharePoint online (Office365 application). My SharePoint site exists of two pages:

  • Home page
  • Info page
    • [section 1] Who are we?
    • [section 2] What do we do?
    • [section 3] Our employees

As you can see, the Info page contains three sections, where I can link to each section as follows:

Now my navigation bar has the same structure as the bullet points above: two main labels linking to 'Home' and 'Info' respectively, where 'Info' also has the three sublabels.

I would like each sublabel in the navigation bar to link to the related section on the Info page. However when I add the link to the label, SharePoint automatically reconfigures the URL by removing everything after the # in the URL, hence only linking to the 'Info' page in general (https://xxx.sharepoint.com/sites/ScienceDepartment/SitePages/Info.aspx).

How can I change this behaviour in the settings of SharePoint? Or is this known as a sort of bug (or shortcoming) of SharePoint sites?

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I managed to find a workaround:

If you add an empty source parameter to the URL it does work, place ?source= inbetween the .aspx and the hashtag part # of the URL. So instead of


you will get


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