I am struggling to get terms path as per current locale.

I have proper settings in SharePoint Term store for getting term label in English, Italian and German languages. I am getting taxonomy labels as per current user locale. But I have a scenario where I am using term.PathOfTerm to get full path of terms and this value is always coming in English language. I need translated term path as per current user locale.

I am getting examples to use Term.GetPath(int LCID); to get localized path, but this gives me null values for all languages, even for English language(LCID 1033).

It will be great help if someone knows the reason why I am getting null values or if we have any other ways to get translated term path.

An Immediate help will be appreciated.

  • Hi @Neelam - Did you get any solution for this? I'm also facing the same issue :( Sep 17, 2020 at 19:57

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Perhaps you are missing ExecuteQuery() call after you requesting it. Here is a piece of PowerShell code which works fine with GetPath method:

$term = Get-PnPTerm -Identity 11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111 # Put your term id instead
$path = $term.GetPath(1033) # Here Value will NOT be populated
$pathValue = $path.Value # Here Value will be populated

Hope this will help you as PnP library is using CSOM internally.

It happens because GetPath returns ClientResult<string> object which requres a call back to server to be populated. For example, you can find similar examples (not related to terms) here (See ClientResult<bool> isFollowed = followingManager.IsFollowed(actorInfo); example there)

Regards, Alexandr

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