I have been successful in creating terms in the term store using CSOM code. But I have been not been able to set URL for those terms.

Small code snippet -

TermSet termset = group.TermSets.GetByName(termSet); \\group is a TermGroup       
Term newTerm = termset.CreateTerm(term, 1033, Guid.NewGuid());

I want to add URL for this newTerm. Please suggest some approach.


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 newTerm.IsNavigationTermSet = true;
  // specify target page for all terms in this term set 
newTerm.TargetUrlForChildTerms.Value = "~site/Pages/Topics/Topic.aspx";

Hope this code will help you

  • Thanks for the response. But the issue is I don't have this property 'isNavigationTermSet' available. I think this is available for NavigationTermSet and not for TermSet.
    – Amit
    Sep 17, 2014 at 16:56
  • 1
    This article may help you amolmeshe.blogspot.in/2014/03/…
    – Anuja
    Sep 25, 2014 at 4:48

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