I have a custom list for the approval process.

Once the item is created mean mail should trigger the approver.

If approver click the item link means he want to approve or reject the item in the in the URL link.

I created the edit form in the SharePoint. Now how can I add Approve and Reject button on the page for the approval process?

Note: I don't want to create in InfoPath form.

anyone can give me suggestions to finish this

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Suppose you're using SharePoint 2013 workflow, you could use OOB 'Start a task process' for approval process.

SharePoint will generate the approve/reject task form like below:

enter image description here

When approver click Approved/Rejected, you could get the result by task outcome, based on task outcome, do other actions.

enter image description here


If you are using SharePoint Online and O365, use Flow for easy notification and approval function. This is basically replacing the info-path-to-generate-workflow scenario. From your SPO list, you should have a Flow connector icon; select that and create your approve/reject workflow there. If you're familiar with IFTTT, this is very similar - a number of actions are already created. Select what you want and you can then customize what happens with your flow. Here's a great starting point.

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