I have a requisition order form created with Infopath and using SharePoint 2013 on prem and I want that a user that submits the form for approval will choose the approver from a drop-down list and sends an email to the approver to either approve or reject the order.

P.S. the approver can be anyone not the same person, and there where I am stuck!!

enter image description here

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Assuming you are using a Choice column for the Approver field, you can create a SharePoint 2013 workflow using SharePoint Designer and then use the Approver field in the Assign a task action.

Please see a sample workflow here: enter image description here

In this scenario, the Choice column values will be converted to strings and then be identified as usernames, so we need to write the users’ Display Names (instead of Account Names) as column values. enter image description here

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