We're having issues in getting reusable workflows linked to different lists to directly work when creating a copy of a parent site.

We're trying to build a SharePoint parent site that works as a template for Program Management. So, with every new Program, we create a copy with content of our template, ready to be used.

Everything works fine, except for the workflows. Our template site includes a number of reusable workflows linked to the lists. When we create a copy, they're copied but don't initially work. Every time we have a new copy we have to go to SharePoint designer, republish them and link them again. We have the same issue with list workflows.

As people will request this template, and automatically get a copy of the site, it's important that** those workflows are enabled and working without having to republish them.

We have previously done this on a subsite (so copying a subsite under the same parent site) and the workflows were directly working.

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