I have many problems in using a 2013 Reusable Workflow.
I have to copy tasks from many task lists in the site to a single general list: in order to do it, I have created a Reusable Workflow and connected to the Content Type I am using for the task lists (and this was already quite a challenge!).
Unfortunately I realized that the Due Date created in the task list and the one in the content type have different internal name: in the Content Type (coming from system Task Content Type) is TaskDueDate while the one created by default in the Task list is DueDate.
The timeline works only with DueDate while the workflow can see only TaskDueDate.
So far I could not find a solution for this: can anybody suggest a workaround - or in case a different approach?

Thanks, Marco

attching the error message I get in the workflow
enter image description here

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Perhaps another approach. Using SPD and workflows, I typically calculate the due date that is associated with the task: enter image description here

Then place the variable in the task due date area. Kind regards,

  • Thank MaxK, this could be a workaround, but I need a more reliable solution. As far as I have seen, the problem is that basically SP 2013 and later DO NOT WANT REUSABLE WORKFLOW... It is still possible to create them with a workaround, but then at re-editing them, they loose the connection with Content Type. The only solution I have found is to create a list workflow on the actual list and copy-paste the single action in the reusable workflow. It worked for me.
    – Marpio
    Feb 14, 2017 at 9:01

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