I have a list (ListA) that is populated by an InfoPath form, everytime a user fills in the form another row is added. Now I'm only interested in the 1 value and I want to sum each instance of 1 for each column.

ListA -

enter image description here

I then need this to be populated into a separate single row list (for use in a charting app) in this format:

ListB -


Any help would be greatly appreciated.. ideally with either calculated formula tricks on the UI or a Workflow. Cheers.

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The calculated formulas work at row level but there is no out of the box approach to doing at column level at storing into a different list.

Using workflow you can achieve. The approach as follows.

Create a SharePoint Designer workflow and run when item inserted.

Here is algorithm to achieve your scenario

if currentitem["column1"] == 1
   var column1Total = ListB["TotalColumn1"];
   column1Total = column1Total + 1; //use `Do Calculation` action
   ListB["TotalColumn1"] = column1Total;

Repeat these conditions for all your 4 columns.

  • Thanks I got it working from your algorithm.. Nice lateral thinking there :)
    – beebul
    Jun 1, 2017 at 23:25

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