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SP 2010 patch - when will it end

Is it true that SP 2010 Patch will be ending October 13th, 2020? if not, what's the correct date?
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SharePoint 2013 with SQL 2012 License Query

We have SharePoint 2013 with SQL 2012. Microsoft support for SQL Server 2012 has ended. Microsoft support for SP2013 is ending by 2023. We cannot migrate SQL Server 2012 to SQL Server 2016 as SP ...
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Does reading directly from the Project Server database void the warranty?

I know that in SharePoint, it's hugely frowned upon to access content databases directly, and in fact Microsoft will stop giving you support if they find out you've touched the databases. Is the same ...
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Perform a calculation based on other criteria

sorry in advance supernoob here failing hard and need help. I'm trying to create a timesheet in sharepoint that will eventually be a powerapp then go into PowerBI and I'm struggling bad with the ...
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Does MS charge SharePoint 2010 after the extended support?

SharePoint 2010 is on extended support. Does Microsoft charge if we continue to use SP 2010 after extended support? Or its just they stop giving CU`s and security updates for that product? When a ...
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SharePoint 2010 out of microsoft support

Now that SharePoint 2019 is being released soon, when can we expect the SharePoint 2010 being out of Microsoft`s support?
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Whether windows 2012 server SP3 supports SharePoint 2013?

Please suggest whether windows 2012 server SP3 supports SharePoint 2013?
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Sharepoint 2010 powershell applywebtemplate returns error

I want to create a site from site templates. I use this code: 1 $MainWeb = Get-SPWeb "http://sitecollection" 2 $SiteTemplates = $MainWeb.GetAvailableWebTemplates(1033) 3 $SiteTemplate = $...
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Longevity of SharePoint Full Trust Solutions

What is the future for SharePoint Full Trust solutions? Will support be sunset beyond the next major release of SharePoint? If full trust solutions are to end at some point in the future then what ...
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What is the correct method to delete a variation subsite (label) in SharePoint 2010?

What is the correct method to delete a variation subsite (label) in SharePoint 2010? Is just deleting the label from the variation labels page and then deleting the sub web enough? What will happen to ...
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Which versions of sharepoint support sqlserver read commited snapshot isolation?

I have been unable to find out if Sharepoint 2010 or 2013 (or even 2007) are able to take advantage of this MSSQL feature to improve the performance of the database operations invoked by Sharepoint ...
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Import / Export files into a SharePoint Document Library

I have one document library (Not sharepoint library) on *F:\PersonalWork* I have several folder like WorkDoc, ProposalDoc, etc, which contains .doc , .xls, .pdf, .bmp, .jpeg etc files. Now *F:\...
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Has SharePoint 2007 SP3 really reached end of life?

Is SharePoint 2007 as a product and SP3 end-of-life? This link of Microsoft Support Lifecycle seems to suggest so, but there are usually "extended extended support" options for paying customers.
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Allowed changes in the SharePoint environment

I am working on a SharePoint extension that does some undocumented operations in SharePoint. This is for a specific version so I am not woried about future changes only about losing support. What are ...
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Backup Plan for a VM based sharepoint website

I developed a doc sharing website for my company using Sharepoint2010 and SQLServer 2008 R2. The website is on a virtual machine powered by Hyper-V Now, I am thinking the disaster recovery plan. ...
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What is the typical IT support team structure and their general areas of knowledge?

The place I work has purchased SharePoint 2010 Enterprise, for many reasons, but firstly for document management. However they are keen to get to most out of the 'rest of it'. But us developers ...
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Sharepoint 2010 is returning corrupt html and image data

I have an issue with several SharePoint 2010 installations that have "corrupt" HTML on their web pages (how to explain). It' like the site stops sending HTML data midway through the transfer of the ...
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Preview or View Site As Any User

Is it possible to preview a whole Sharepoint 2010 site as a specific user? I am thinking from a support perspective where a user phones up and asks "why cant I see x" or "where do i go to find y". It ...
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Managing Changes to SharePoint Configuration

We have 5 seperate environments which code needs to move through within the project lifecycle (6 if you count individual developer VMs.) This does not include the support enviornments which are used ...
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