SharePoint 2010 is on extended support. Does Microsoft charge if we continue to use SP 2010 after extended support?

Or its just they stop giving CU`s and security updates for that product?

When a MS case raised for SP 2010 with MS premier support will there be any additional charging from MS?


After extended support, all support for the product ceases. That includes any patch (security, hotfix, etc.) and any support via PSS. Last I looked, unlike some other product groups, the SharePoint PG does not offer any form of paid support post-extended support (unlike Windows or SQL where you can pay an exorbitant amount of money to continue receiving support).

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Yes, when SharePoint product extended , MS support team will not take the case and will suggest to upgrade a higher version of SharePoint .

SharePoint 2010 extended support end date is 13/10/2010 .

More detail please refer to : https://support.microsoft.com/en-sg/lifecycle

Also MS support team will not offer even you pay additional charging .

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