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As part of the office Web Applications Installation, the powerpoint service supports online viewing and editing of powerpoint files. The service also provides the PowerPoint broadcast feature, which delivers a PowerPoint Presentation in a multicast mode.

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Get a document image preview of specified size

In our app we got previews from urls like: https://sharepoint_server/_layouts/15/WopiFrame.aspx?sourcedoc=...&action=imagepreview But the received images are too small. In particular, I want to ...
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Error while creating PowerPoint Automation Service Application SharePoint 2013

I am getting an error while trying to create a service application for PowerPoint Automation Service PS C:\Windows\system32> New-SPPowerPointConversionServiceApplication -Name "PowerPoint ...
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How to use powerpoint automation services in SP2013

I don have office web apps installed. How do i test the powerpoint automation services in SP2013. Could any1 give me the detail steps to test the service.
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Combine PowerPoint documents

We are trying to combine 10-20 PowerPoint documents into a single document (PPT and then PDF) on a regular basis. What are possible solutions for this in SharePoint (2013)? I started looking into ...
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Change default path powerpoint conversion

The default path to store temporary files from PowerPoint conversion is: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\SharePoint\PowerPointConversion\ Is there a way to change this path (entire or part would be useful)...
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Office Web Apps can't read/edit Powerpoint or read Word, but Excel reads/edits fine

A brief overview: I have a Sharepoint 2010 installation on Windows Server 2008 R2, with Office Web Apps installed. The Central Admin SQL Database in on the local server, but the SQL database that ...
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PowerPoint Service Application automatic clean-up

We are currently using a PowerPoint Conversion service application to convert *.pptx to *.pdf. However when using this method, the converted files are cached locally within 'C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\...
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Link to specific PowerPoint Slide in a library

I want to create links at a Sharepoint page that open a presentation at a specific slides. The presentation is hosted at Sharepoint and I can save it in any format (pptx, ppsx, html, .. ), so no ...
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Is there a way to tell if someone has gone through all slides of a presentation on sharepoint

Basically what I am trying to do is to put some training presentations onto our SharePoint, that our engineers go through and read. I've set a test site up and have been able to work out how to ...
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Select powerpoint slides and then build a presentation from it

I have a business unit that would like a document library that displays a series of pre-approved company Powerpoint slides. The user would then select the slides that want, click a button and a ...
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SharePoint 2013 PowerPoint Automation Service conversion is failing

I am trying to use the PowerPoint Automation Service to convert documents from .ppt to .jpg. However even though I am trying to follow the msdn example (which is a bit different), it doesn't seem to ...
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Powerpoint Presentation on the Mobile Phones?

Want to display the Powerpoint Presentation on the Mobile, let me know if it can be achieved in SharePoint 2010?
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open a doc in firefox automatically

I am trying to automaticly open an office doc (word/excel/ppt/...) from sharepoint while using Firefox browser in the browser. I manage to so manually (do manually what my method (written in C#) ...
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Powerpoint Office Web App Resolution

The resolution of the slide show in the Powerpoint Office Web App seems to have been lowered. Propably to reduce latency and bandwith usage over the network. I am wondering if it possible to tune the ...
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Where is the PowerPoint Service Application?

TechNet provides a nice set of instructions for configuring PowerPoint Services. Excerpt: 2) In the Central Administration Web site, in the Application Management section, click Manage service ...
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