I set up multiple incoming email document libraries in SharePoint 2007 a long time ago. Now I have forgotten where those document libraries are!

How can I locate them altogether (which emails and to which document libraries)?

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Through PowerShell, of course! SharePoint 2007 does not include all the nifty cmdlets that SharePoint 2010/2013 does but you can still access the full object model. MSDN has a link on how to get started with PowerShell in SharePoint 2007.

Once you have that, it is just a matter of writing the script, which would be something like this:

$site = [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite]("url.to.site.com")
$site.AllWebs | % {
   $_.Lists | % {
      if ($_.CanReceiveEmail -eq $true -and $_.EmailAlias -eq "[email protected]") {

This would return the list of URLs to the lists where that email is used. If you want, you can also change the EmailAlias part to $_.EmailAlias -ne $null instead to return a list of all email enabled lists.

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