I configured SharePoint incoming Email service and enabled document library to receive email but unfortunately this functionality is not working. I can see the emails are coming to Queue folder but it is not moving to Drop folder.

In Event Viewer, i can see below Information. The Incoming E-Mail service has completed a batch. The elapsed time was 00:00:00. The service processed 0 message(s) in total.

I have given Everyone permission to Drop folder but this also did not resolve the issue.

Please help.

  • I manually placed some emails in Drop folder. After few seconds it got disappeared but this also not showing in Library. – ARD Oct 9 at 13:10

If the file is copied to the Queue folder instead of the Drop folder, open the file and check the content, probably this would be because the recipient is not recognised. This means that the email domain that we have set up is not correct. Check the domain name and try this procedure again.

Check for the email address of list/library is correct. If you send email to other libraries, will the issue occur?

Ensure that SMTP server is running.

Make sure Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Incoming E-Mail timer job is running successfully.

Make sure the SharePoint Timer service account have permission on drop folder.

Restart SharePoint Timer service.




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